Fan tells Diplo ‘I love you Calvin Harris’, other fans keep on roasting him
Good Chat
Good Chat

Fan tells Diplo ‘I love you Calvin Harris’, other fans keep on roasting him

Good to see a community of fans sticking together!

There’s nothing quite like committing to the bit. Everyone getting in on a bit of lighthearted fun can turn a crap day into a day that will be talked about forever. 

I don’t know if this gag by Diplo’s fans will be talked about even ten years from now, but it is some pretty great chat. 

It all started this morning when Diplo posted a video of someone front-middle of the mosh holding up a message on their phone. 

“I LOVE YOU CALVIN HARRIS,” the message read. 

In the clip, Diplo shrugs it off, but if you look into his eyes, you can see that this is the worst thing to ever happen to him (jk). He did joke around with it, exemplified by his caption: “It’s always ‘where’s @CalvinHarris’ and never ‘how’s Diplo’.”

Diplo need not worry though, because fans of his made sure he felt the love, especially in his TikTok comments. 

“Don’t worry,” wrote one fan. “There are real fans supporting you Avicii.”

“Don't be sad Tiesto we know and respect you,” commented another, for-lifer, fan. 

“Don’t worry Shakira, we will support you to the end,” said one more. 

comments on Diplo's TikTok

A few more commenters were straight-up confused about how the fan holding the phone could be so clueless about who she was witnessing. 

“I thought Daft Punk retired?” asked one. 

“I thought Swedish House Mafia was a trio??” one more befuddled fan wrote. 

“Since when does David Guetta have shorter hair? I like the new look,” wrote one of the more observant viewers of the video. 

Ahhh, see what I mean about everyone committing to the bit? Just makes for some quality content. 

It’s not the first time someone hasn’t recognised Diplo, earlier this year he struggled to get on stage for his own performance at MTV Awards because the security guard had no idea who he was. Read about that below.