Fred Again shares emosh moment between two fans that captures essence of his new track
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Fred Again shares emosh moment between two fans that captures essence of his new track

Fred's new album is just one week away!

The anointed (by us) patron-saint of dance music, Fred Again has shared another Instagram post that shares some meaning behind his new track ‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’. 

Fred posted a video of two fans having a cutesy cuddle during his recent show in Los Angeles. He says his friend was just filming random stuff in the crowd and came across the footage.

“So a few days ago I played a show in LA and my friend Theo was filming stuff in the crowd,” Fred wrote in the caption. 

“He stumbled across this absolutely beauuutiful moment right at the back of it all.”

‘Delilah’, Fred then says, is all about these kinds of moments, specifically when Fred had bad anxiety and needed that special someone to snap him out of it. 

“To me this song is about a time I sorta had a panic attack in a club and needing your person to pull you out of it, so the moment at the end where they both stand up and jump away feels particularly muchhh to me.”

“There’s obviously a whole story that’s goin on for them too, like you can see on their friends faces at the end!” 

“And I’ve since spoken to them all about it, but I think it’s maybe better not to explain that, cos like different people think different stuff when they watch it, and that’s always great to me,” Fred finished. 

The new tune is the fourth single Fred has released from his highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022)’ which will be released next week on October 28. Lets goooo.

Fred will be performing at Laneway Festival next year in Auckland, which George is more than stoked to be bringing to you. Tickets sold out quicker than I recommend Fred’s Boiler Room to mates, but if you tune in to George you might just be able to win yourself a ticket.