People are pissed after Aussie KFC workers posted a TikTok of them licking chicken
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People are pissed after Aussie KFC workers posted a TikTok of them licking chicken

"Did somebody say ‘you’re fired’?"

A group of KFC workers across the Tasman posted a TikTok of them licking, biting, and just doing gross stuff with some of the food and people are piiiissed. 

The account that originally posted the video has since gone private, so we couldn’t get our hands on it, but plenty of Australian and New Zealand news outlets have some of the footage and yo, it’s pretty rank man. 

kfc worker licks chicken

The video has the caption ‘closing time’ so the group was probably stoked to end their shift but damn they really took it to the next level. 

You can see a worker cracking up after shoving her mouth on a tray of chicken. At one point, some bloke bites into a wing, and there’s chaos with at least 4 workers going around and grabbing fries, lettuce, and chicken and biffing it all over the kitchen. 

kfc worker grabs lettuce

There’s even a point where one chick gets a chicken thrown at her while she is licking a chicken. 

I thought it was ‘finger lickin’ good’ not ‘chicken lickin’ good.’

kfry worker licks chicken reports that the video had at least half a million views before the poster went private. They also shared that there were a lot of comments that were pretty bloody annoyed at the people in the video, which is understandable. 

“This is truly disgusting, even if you’re throwing it out,” said one person. 

“Did somebody say ‘you’re fired’?” commented another who’s more than likely going to be right about that. 

“My cousin did this every time and he got caught and got fired,” wrote another. 

We'd like to think these kinds of shenanigans are never going on at Aotearoa's beloved K Fry outlets.

KFC have yet to comment on the video but I’m going to guess the workers are not going to get off lightly. An important reminder that you should not do dumb stuff, but if you are, don’t film it and post it to the world.