Flume to share unreleased tracks he found on the laptop his first project was made on
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Flume to share unreleased tracks he found on the laptop his first project was made on

Bitta 2012 Flume action.

Flume is going to share a whole bunch of unreleased and unfinished tunes he found in the old laptop he made his 2012 debut album on. 

Flume, real name Harley Streten, shared a few TikToks about finding and fixing the laptop he crafted the self-titled project on. When he first found it the thing wouldn’t even turn on, then the speakers wouldn’t work, but then, by the grace of the EDM Gods (and Flume’s laptop-fixing skills), the laptop was back in working condition.

Concluding the whole saga, Flume released a TikTok saying he’ll be live-streaming himself playing some of the unreleased tracks - as well as “something special” he found on the device - this Sunday at 10 pm NZT on TikTok.

“Opening up my old computer - the one I did my first record on - because it’s the tenth anniversary of the first record… but yeah I’m going to be opening the laptop, doing some challenges. Just really embracing TikTok,” he said. 

Tracks like ‘Holdin On’, ‘On Top’, and ‘Sleepless’ hold up today and manage to activate nostalgia while still slapping. They have a unique sound that just screams ‘2012’ (in a great way) so we’re sure there’ll still be some bangers lying around on that laptop that we’ll get to hear on Sunday. 

The live stream will come almost a decade to the day that the project was released (November 9th 2012). 

General Lee had a chat with the Aussie deck maestro last month, and Harley said he can't get enough of Aotearoa crowds because we get amongst it. 

“I genuinely love New Zealand so much,” he said.  “It’s one of my favourite places to go and the crowds are nuts. Crowds are genuinely fucking bonkers whenever I come down, like, for real.”

We’re also proud to be bringing him to NZ early next year. Get ya tickets below.