Watch Zane Lowe have his mind blown by Fred Again’s talent on a drum machine
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Watch Zane Lowe have his mind blown by Fred Again’s talent on a drum machine

"It's so infinitely powerful."

Zane Lowe has had convos and heard insights from the biggest and best musicians on the planet, but Fred Again showed him something that absolutely blew him away during their recent interview. 

Fred Again, real name Fred Gibson, sat down the Kiwi Lowe last week to promote his latest album ‘Actual Life 3 (January 1 - September 9 2022). The two talked about a range of topics, from family to living in the moment to Fred’s idols, but one moment is going viral for its showcasing of Fred’s otherworldly talent and Zane’s quality reaction. 

About 37 minutes into the interview they start talking about Fred’s one-of-a-kind live shows. Fred puts a lot of thought into his gigs, incorporating a huge portrait screen for visuals. He then grabs his Native Instruments’ Maschine (a "modern MPC" he calls it) sitting on the table in front of them. 

What follows is absolutely mental. 

Just an insane talent. At one point Lowe tells Fred "Don't stop, don't stop!" which is advice the 29-year-old should always follow. 

“It’s so exciting to me,” Fred said about the Maschine. “This is what I want to get better and better at - making it so that the whole thing comes from this thing.”

“You can put anything on it. It’s so infinitely powerful. The thing that is so exciting about this to me is with electronic music, it’s often almost impossible to get it live.”

Fred then shows Zane how he incorporates spoken word poetry into his tunes - which is something Fred does better than any other artist and is his way of pushing the genre forward. Halfway through the demonstration Lowe holds his arm out to show that Fred has given him goosebumps - same Zane, same. 

Like I said before, to put Zane Lowe through a myriad of emotions just by playing him music isn’t something most musicians can do. Just when you think Fred has topped his game in 2022 he blows you away yet again (pun intended). 

You can watch Fred’s full interview with Zane Lowe here, and stream his new album, below.