WATCH: K Motionz hour-long 360 DJ set he smashed in Auckland earlier this year
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WATCH: K Motionz hour-long 360 DJ set he smashed in Auckland earlier this year

Can you catch your mate front right?

One of the best DJs in the world has released an up close and personal set in our very own Auckland City from earlier this year. 

K Motionz teamed up with UKF On Air to deliver ‘CROWD CONTROL: Auckland (360 DJ Set)’ - an hour-plus mix he did in an Auckland bar early in October when he was touring the country. 

He’s been teasing the full set for over a month, but finally put it live on the UKF on Air Youtube channel this morning, much to the applaud of his fans. 

“This was a set I’ll never forget,” K Motionz said in the comments of the vid, “the vibes in the room were just amazing! I’ve absolutely loved the concept of 360 degrees shows and I’m so happy we pulled this one off.”

Other commenters on the YouTube video are absolutely frothing the mix. 

“This set is a bomb - blew me away! Respect” commented one fan. 

“GOATmotionz,” said another. 

“Mix is mad sick, one of the best this year, absolutely insane,” one more added.

The set would have been done when K Motionz, real name Kallum Brookes, was touring Auckland in October this year. Like most DNB artists, Kallum posted about how bloody good NZ is to tour as a DJ. 

“Wow it’s so amazing to be back on tour in New Zealand!” he wrote on his Instagram. “This place never fails to amaze me man. Thanks for all the love! So many exciting things in the pipeline.”

K Motionz has a new single coming out on the 1st of December - ‘Only You’ with Emily Makis.

He teased the track earlier this month when he posted three unreleased tracks to his Instagram and asked fans to vote on which one he should release. There were plenty of fans for all three tracks, but ‘Only You’ took it out.