Dubstep Don Virtual Riot has a throwaway SoundCloud full of unreal IDs and edits
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Dubstep Don Virtual Riot has a throwaway SoundCloud full of unreal IDs and edits

A goldmine just sitting there, waiting to be discovered.

German dubstep producer Virtual Riot has a throwaway SoundCloud account absolutely packed with IDs and edits - so get listening, bassheads. 

You can check out the “official trash upload account of Virtual Riot”, as the bio states, at soundcloud.com/riotvirtual. Be warned though, there are over 175 tracks so you might be on it for a while. 

Big shoutout to Sin from George Drive for coming across this goldmine of absolute thumpers. One track she gives a special mention is ‘camo remix’, an edit of Camo & Krooked’s remix of John B’s tune ‘numbers’. 

Virtual Riot, real name Christian Valentin Brunn, recently tweeted about the SoundCloud, but it’s still relatively unknown.

Brunn is widely recognised as one of the most influential dubstep artists on the planet (Sin even called him the “world's greatest dubstep producer") so to have such a huge amount of his music available is just *chef’s kiss*. 

In the past, Brunn has talked about how he tends to quickly move on from tracks he makes, so that might explain why he’s got so many tunes in a throwaway account. 

“I usually don’t like my songs anymore as soon as I make a new one,” he told The Musies’ Kristen Holzherr back in 2016. “I always feel like the next one I did was better than the last one. It’s always much improved!.”

Virtual Riot has another alias he releases music under, ‘Your Personal Tranquilizer’, which also has a SoundCloud account - you can it visit here. He told TheMusies that Personal Tranquilizer started after Virtual Riot and that he just “uploads random shit… like ambience basically” on the account, in the hope that “maybe somebody likes it.”

Just last week, 30 Fred Again edits and IDs got uploaded online after a fan was given a USB at a gig. 

 If we keep getting unreleased tracks at this rate, 2023 is gonna be a mad one.