Shaquille O'Neal legit commented on a George FM Drive TikTok and it is perfect
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Shaquille O'Neal legit commented on a George FM Drive TikTok and it is perfect

@shaq slide in the DMs matey

Three letters from Shaquille O’Neal have turned a relatively mundane Tuesday afternoon at George FM into one the grandkids will be hearing about. 

On a George Drive TikTok, Shaq AKA DJ Diesel commented “Lol”. The video has nothing to do with him. He is not mentioned, tagged, or hashtagged. None of his basketball exploits or millions of brand deals or viral moments come up. Yet there he is.

Shaq Diesel commenting 'Lol' on George Drive TikTok there he is

The 7ft 1 (2.16m) 150+ kg bloke was simply scrolling TikTok, liked what he saw from Sin & Brook (who he started following two weeks ago, how good?), and wanted to inform us he laughed out loud. 

Brook Gibson, George Drive co-host and somewhat of an (internet) celebrity himself, tells me the comment from Shaq will be first on the agenda at the next family catch-up. 

“Having inter-generational support from one of the GOATs of world sport is something to tell my mum about,” he said. 

Sin Howard, the other Drive co-host and amateur TikTok comment rater, said Shaq’s choice of word is near perfection, and hopes there is more to come. 

“Lol is one of the best comments we could have asked for for DJ Diesel’s debut comment on our socials,” she tells me. 

O’Neal AKA The Big Aristotle has most likely taken an interest in Sin & Brook for his newfound hobby of DJing under the aforementioned moniker DJ Diesel. 

In between being a host on the legendary ‘Inside the NBA’ talk show and endorsing anything and everything, the four-time NBA champion gets behind the decks at the biggest festivals in the world and mixes blardy filthy dubstep. 

Watch this space. I sense a blossoming friendship on the way between Shaquille O-freaking-Neal and our George Drive hosts.