'Gotta get front left': Fisher's god-daughter rushes to watch vid of his Tomorrowland set
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'Gotta get front left': Fisher's god-daughter rushes to watch vid of his Tomorrowland set

The next great raver is here.

Fisher’s niece will be the next raver to rule them all.

The prophecy was written after the Aussie DJ posted a video of the little one, named Minnie, ditching her playset and boosting it to watch and boogie to a video of her uncle’s Tomorrowland set. 

“MISS YOU MINNIE MOO,” Fisher wrote in the caption. “THIS KID NEVER MISSES A BEAT”.

Watching that kid waddle-run to the phone with a smile on her face before being moved to tears as she can’t scale the pool chair thing (thankfully her older relatives hoiked her up) proves to me the desire to doof lies deep in her soul. 

Commenters on the post also see greatness in the toddler’s future (and cuteness in her present). 

“How’s her drop tuition too!!” one person wrote. “Fully felt it coming hahaha.”

“This is actually my seventh wonder of the world,” another said. 

“I can’t even take it!!!” a third added. “How sweet & amazing is that?!?! Ah, so much love.”

“Get her to Coachella,”  one more wrote. 

Fish is currently touring overseas, hence him missing young Millie. Though, he does seem to be having a good time regardless.  

Last week he was in Brazil to headline 'Not Another Fkn Festival' alongside Chris Lake. He poured shoeys out of a filthy shoe for multiple festivalgoers, signed, kissed, and danced with an inflatable penis, and laughed that iconic laugh of his a whole bunch. 

In 2022, the mad dog was legitimately crowned the 'Best Solo Artist of the Year' by GQ Australia. His acceptance speech was about as Fish as it gets. 

"I want to thank my manager Brett,” he started with. “You’ve been with me from the beginning. I just want to thank you mate. Two bald pricks wondering how the fuck we got here.”

He also thanked his wife and family for letting him be himself, before signing off in a true-blue Aussie way. 

“Anyway, party on, thank you for having me. I fucking love you motherfuckers!”