'Pure love’: Fisher shares cute video of him crying over having to leave his goddaughter
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'Pure love’: Fisher shares cute video of him crying over having to leave his goddaughter

This is emotional af bah

FISHER, the DJ known for more loose behaviour than being in a cabin at year six school camp with your mates, has shown a much more emotional side. 

In a video posted to his Instagram, the Aussie DJ can be seen crying like there’s no tomorrow as he has to say goodbye to his god-daughter Minnie. Despite them having no actual blood relation, the two have grown so close that Minnie sees Fish as her uncle, and Fish sees Minnie as a niece. 

“In a world I live in people judge me left right and centre,” Fisher wrote in the caption. “But this little one has no idea who her uncle is!!! It’s just pure love.”

“I really miss Minnie and I honestly can’t wait to see her, she loves me for me. One day she will know who her uncle is but for now the innocence is perfect,” he continues. 

“I never cry but I will for her, I love you so much Minnie. In the last clip of her I asked Ellidy ‘Does she remember me?’ and she sent me that video, the rest is history.”

Oiiii FiiiiiiIIIIIiiiiish ya cutie patootie. 

A few weeks ago Minnie stole our hearts when Fisher shared a video of her boosting across the lawn and pool deck just to watch a video of her godfather killing it on the decks. 

“MISS YOU MINNIE MOO,” Fisher wrote in the caption. “THIS KID NEVER MISSES A BEAT”.

Watching that kid waddle-run to the phone with a smile on her face before being moved to tears as she can’t scale the pool chair thing (thankfully her older relatives hoiked her up) proves to me the desire to doof lies deep in her soul. 

Hopefully, Minnie loves a respectful doof when she’s old enough, until then just keep on loving ya Uncle Fish and you’ll be sweet.