Shaquille O'Neal drops massive trap heater as DJ Diesel, announces album on the way
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Shaquille O'Neal drops massive trap heater as DJ Diesel, announces album on the way

This tune would shatter a few backboards.

DJ Diesel, the dubstep/trap producer that once dominated the NBA under the name Shaquille O’Neal, is back with a new track ladies and gents. 

‘Bang Your Head’ is the name of Shaq’s brand-new tune. Made in collaboration with fellow DJ ‘Hairitage’, the track is a massive, loud, and dirty-sounding one. 

There’s a jolting build-up, complimented by Shaq saying: “Diesel in this motherfucker,” that leads to a drop sure to blow out many car speakers around the world. 

Just before the atomic drop, O’Neal’s vocals appear again, demanding you to “Bang your motherfucking head”. Not gonna say ‘no’ to the 7ft 3 fella, are ya?

The four-time NBA champion announced that ‘Bang Your Head’ is the first single off his upcoming, debut album. 

“‘Bang Your Head' is my first single off my new album that will be dropping with Monstercat,” he said. “I am so excited to be working with them and to be releasing multiple singles leading into the album starting with this one.”

“Hairitage and I have been working on 'Bang Your Head' for over a year now. Aaron would come out to my shows just so we could work on it in the green room or in the car and make this a banger. This record goes HARD and makes you want to bang your head... so do it."

Ol’ mate is set to have a massive year, as he’s also planned to throw his hat into the festival moshpit. The behemoth of a human posted to his DJ Diesel social media accounts that he wants to throw his own festie in the year of our lord 2023. 

“Fuck it,” he wrote. “Planning my own festival THIS YEAR!”

Crazy that he has time to fit all that in considering he’s known to scroll TikTok, evidenced by the fact he commented on a George Drive TikTok earlier this year. Busy lad.