Fred Again fans bounce stage so hard a bloke is forced to become a human controller stand
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Fred Again fans bounce stage so hard a bloke is forced to become a human controller stand

"One of the maddest gigs to date".

Belgium fans went so hard at a Fred Again concert that some dude had to hold the DJ equipment since the stage was shaking too violently. 

In a TikTok, Fred said it was “one of the maddest gigs to date” before documenting the course of events. Basically, the stand his iconic controller was on was shaking due to the sheer bouncing force generated by the crowd. 

“At one point there were three guys holding it down”, Fred wrote. “But it didn’t work”. So eventually some dude who should be asking for a raise just held the thing while Fred worked his magic on it. 

Commenters are praising pretty much everyone involved in this situation with positive vibes that tend to appear on anything to do with Fred. 

“Still bouncing!” wrote one person who was in the crowd. “What an amazing performance. This moment is added to my core memory, thanks Fred for the experience.”

“There’s something so intoxicating about Fred’s music man,” said another. “There’s nothing like it.”

“Huge respect to the staff and crew!!!” a third added.

“We are minions, he is Gru,” one more wrote. 

On top of a nuts past couple of years in terms of skyrocketing popularity, the last two weeks for Fred have been as crazy as they come. 

Uncle Fred shared the tale of the “maddest 12 hours” he’s ever experienced in an Instagram post. It started at 8 PM with his friends and family - including his heavily pregnant sister-in-law - rocking up to the stage he was performing at. It ended with him holding a newborn baby. 

His wholesomeness and respect for his fans have arguably been just as influential in Fred’s rise to the top as his actual music, evidenced yet again by going above and beyond for his Belgium fans.