WATCH: Lee Mvtthews boys butcher the spelling of their own name on wall of iconic US venue
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WATCH: Lee Mvtthews boys butcher the spelling of their own name on wall of iconic US venue

This is cinema.

Currently touring the US with Chase and Status, the Lee Mvtthews boys are growing up before our very eyes. A little bit. 

They’ve still found the time to be absolute goobers - evidenced by them both messing up the spelling of their name while writing it in the backrooms of an iconic US music venue.

Being a few drinks beyond sobriety, the fellas put sharpie to door at Houston’s Stereo Live club, only to completely butcher it not once but twice.

That video needs to be playing in the Louvre on a loop. It contains all the facets of a proper film - a goal, conflict, foreshadowing, suspense, and the door opening is the climax the clip deserves. Cinema. 

Tom holding up his phone with correct ‘Lee Mvtthews’ spelling and still managing to botch it is peak comedy. And, as our very own Sin Howard said in the comments, that ending “will be etched in my head forever”. 

Never giving up on their mission, Tom and Graham did eventually manage to correctly spell their name, snapping a beautiful picture to celebrate. 

Having just wrapped up the Texas stretch of their international run of shows, the fellas are set to hit Los Angeles’ Exchange club before heading to Prague, and Amsterdam before wrapping up in Fiji.

How fucking good that a couple of Kiwi deck maestros are spreading their talent far and wide? Put us on the map fellas. 

Earlier this year, Graham and Tom told us that while still planning to act a menace overseas, they’ve actually got some business to attend to. 

“We’re sort of at a stage where we’ve got a couple of pencils,” Tom said. “We wanna go over and strengthen connections because it’s not what you know it’s who you know. So it’ll be a bit of that, and if those pencils come to pen I think Graham will also make his way over."

Just make sure you spell your name right with that pen, eh fellas?