Tyson Fury walks out to Chase and Status’ ‘Baddadan’ at open workout for Francis Ngannou fight
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Tyson Fury walks out to Chase and Status’ ‘Baddadan’ at open workout for Francis Ngannou fight

That's now Jason Statham and Tyson Fury on team Chase & Status. Huge.

Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury has pretty much leaked his vote for the top song in the George FM DnB 2 Hundy countdown. 

The heavyweight champion walked out to Chase and Status’ massive tune ‘Baddadan’ before his public workout for the fight against Francis Ngannou. It also played as the two were up in each other's grills, which is just incred exposure for the tune and the genre. 

“The Gypsy King Tyson Fury knows how to get Baddadan,” Trigga - an MC on the track - wrote in an Instagram post. 

Commenters are loving it from the big fella, with a few even saying the tune choice has swayed their support. 

“The sickest tune for anyone to have a ring walkout to,” one person wrote. 

“‘Baddadan’ takeover continues,” said another. 

“I wanted Ngannou to chin him,” a third added. “Now I’m rocking with team Fury.”

“Needs to be his ringwalk track,” one more wrote. 

We’ll find out if it is his ringwalk track at around 6 AM on Sunday morning - a bit of pre-RWC Final entertainment for ya. Fury should beat Ngannou, considering he’s a professional boxer and his opponent isn’t.

But we all know Ngannou has one of the deadliest sets of hands in the world, packing insanely powerful punches. It’ll be sick seeing the two massive MFers go at it. 

Until they are swinging at each, from now to 5 PM, you should no doubt be listening to the George DnB 200 Countdown. We’re into the top end of the tracks now so it will be banger after banger for the rest of your day. 

‘Baddadan’ is yet to be played, so it’s bound to rank high up. Fury better be tuning in to find out. 

If you’re keen to learn a bit more about the history of DnB (2) Hundy, check out this article on the three biggest players in the countdown’s history.