‘Stand your butt up, big guy’: US Senator squares up with union president in hectic court scene
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‘Stand your butt up, big guy’: US Senator squares up with union president in hectic court scene

Bernie fkn Sanders had to break things up.

Rumbles were almost had during a US Senate hearing and it’s one of the most American things I’ve ever seen. 

Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin (what a name) and Teamsters President Sean O’Brien were ready to throw down during a hearing about labour unions. The two have been beefing for a while now and this scrap almost started after Mullin read out a scathing tweet O’Brien had written about him. 

The tweet ends with O’Brien saying “Any time, any place, cowboy”. In the hearing, Mullin informed his foe that “this is a time, this is a place” and they can “finish it here”. O’Brian is down for the rumbles, telling the Senator: “Stand your butt up, big boy”. 

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is the one to calm things down, telling Mullin: “Sit down, you’re a United States Senator.”

I want to go back to O’Brian’s tweet calling out Mullin because it’s insane. First of all, it’s a photo of the Senator behind a lectern, but he’s standing on a step stool. So, he’s already identified as him a short guy who wants to be taller. 

Then, as you heard, O’Brian calls him a “Greedy CEO,” “a clown & fraud” and says he’s putting on a “tough guy act”. 

You kind of have to square up after that. Save it for the KFC car park though, not in a friggin Senate hearing where Bernie Sanders is sitting next to you. 

There has been a legit fight in the US Senate before. All the way back in 1902, South Carolina’s junior senator John McLaurin called the state’s senior senator Ben Tillman a “willful, malicious, and deliberate” liar. 

According to the US Senate’s official website, “Tillman spun around and punched McLaurin squarely in the jaw,” making “the chamber explode in pandemonium”. 

Violence is never the answer but it would have been chat if they actually scrapped.