Delta Heavy's Ben Hall says NZ may be his ‘favourite place’ and proves it by roasting Hamilton
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Delta Heavy's Ben Hall says NZ may be his ‘favourite place’ and proves it by roasting Hamilton

Hop on Vic Deals and find yaself a flat, mate.

New Zealanders froth Delta Heavy and they froth us. Beautiful stuff. 

In an interview with Gordon’s Gin back at Bay Dreams, Ben Hall, one-half of the duo, shared how he feels about New Zealand. 

“Honestly, it’s maybe my favourite place in the world,” he said. “Not just saying that. This is maybe our eighth tour here and it’s become very close to my heart.”

You can tell he’s been here heaps, cause he made the same joke about a certain city that everyone here does. 

“I’ve been to The Tron - maybe Hamilton’s not the highlight, but I’ve been to some lovely places.”

After the compliments and banter, Ben delved into some of the weirder aspects of his career, particularly the time he incorporated a feline into some of his work. 

“I’ve sampled a lot of weird things,” he said. “We sampled a cat once - not my own cat but a cat off YouTube.”

“It was kinda mewing and then pitched it down and turned it into a bass sound. It turns into a noise you can kind of distort.”

Earlier this year, the one and only Becky Hill told George Breakfast she also loves it down here, even saying she had us on repeat during her time here. 

"I had about ten days off in New Zealand - a nice little holiday - but everywhere we drove we listened to George FM,” she said. “And I have to say, I think you guys are the coolest radio station I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.”

“Thank you so much for being the soundtrack and thank you for having me on. I feel super cool. Your radio station is so cool, you play such good music, so thank you.”

Despite what the UK scene may tell ya, if EDM greatness loves it here, we must be doing something right.