Raver lad's list of 'relationship standards' for his future EDM-loving girlfriend goes viral
Good Chat
Good Chat

Raver lad's list of 'relationship standards' for his future EDM-loving girlfriend goes viral

Bro's got everything from conflict management to parenting covered.

One bloke who lives for raving has listed his rules for a relationship centered around his frothing of moshing. 

Brad Walsh, whose TikTok revolves around rave culture, was getting criticised for being too picky when it comes to dating. To prove this isn’t the case, he posted a notes page of his ‘relationship standards’.

The list has racked up over 800,000 views and tens of thousands of likes because it is just great chat. 

Brad’s Raving Relationship Standards:

  • Our wedding song is house tech instead of some slow love song
  • Our honeymoon is in Ibiza and we sesh every night
  • We go on rave dates
  • We celebrate our anniversary with a rave date
  • We celebrate our birthdays with a rave date
  • If we argue, we rave together to make up
  • We get our kids raving
  • Oh, and we go on more rave dates


Honestly, good on the fella for being clear on what he wants. King. 

Judging from the TikTok he posted before this one, ol’ Brad seems to have a raving partner in mind. In the same two-picture slideshow format, he reveals that despite saying he’s “done with relationships”, he’s actually hiding from someone he’s obsessed with.

Brad mate, you miss every shot you don’t take. Go for it you legend. 

Speaking of rave icons, a couple of years ago one of the greatest to ever do it was immortalised. ‘Gurning Rave Guy’ - the bald guy with the clenched jaw and dinner plate eyes - was turned into an action figure. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if our mate Brad has this action figure perched in his room, preparing it to be a family heirloom he gives to his raving kids.