REVIEW: NZ's self-professed Subway Queen gives an honest opinion on the new Chicken Parmi range
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REVIEW: NZ's self-professed Subway Queen gives an honest opinion on the new Chicken Parmi range

Ranked on a scale of 1 - Pork Ribby

After they discovered I'm one of Subway NZ's biggest fans, the sando icons themselves sent me their new Chicken Parmi range to try and compare against my all time fave, the Pork Ribby. 

The Chicken and Ham Parmi, the Chicken and Pepperoni Parmi and the Mexican Parmi are all new additions to the Subway menu, but before you go swapping out your sub of the day for one of these puppies - are they worth it? 

To set the sandwich scene: I instinctively chose Italian Herb & Cheese for the bread because I thought marinara sauce = italian? = Italian Herbs & Cheese. With my usual fillings (everything but tomatoes and beetroot) I was ready to devour. 

Let’s begin with the Chicken & Pepperoni Parm. 

I’ll start off by saying I’m a huge fan of the Pizza Melt, so this pepperoni chicken collab got me very excited. Expectations were high, and they were met. 

The combo instantly slapped. The chicken and pepperoni paired harmoniously, and the generous helping of marinara sauce really united these two meats. It was just oozing out, which I love, as I’m a huge sauce gal. Out of all three, this was for sure my favourite. 

On a scale of 1 -  Pork Ribby, I’d say this comes in pretty hot at a solid 8.5/10

Onto the next: Chicken and Ham Parmi. 

This review comes with a bit of a story. 

Upon opening, I had a wee inspection of this sub and noticed it was missing the deliciously bright red marinara sauce :’) This was a wee bummer, but obviously I still ate it. As expected, it was a bit dry sans sauce, but I could imagine it would be a banger as a total package. 

I did a bit of research and discovered that Chicken Parmi is often served with a quantity of ham or bacon, so Subway were right on the money with this one. It was still pretty tasty even without the marinara, with a cordon bleu vibe to it.

For this scale of 1 - Pork Ribby, going to have to give this one a 6.5/10

Finally, the Mexican Parmi. 

With a twist of avocado and chipotle sauce, this had me gassed. This one actually doesn’t come with marinara sauce at all, which I thought was an interesting choice for a Chicken Parmi themed sub. But I get their logic, avocado and marinara are a bit of an odd combo. 

The three pepper chicken went deliciously with the avo. I don’t ever get their avo due to the cossy lives crisis but I reeeeally rated it in this sub. It gave it a creaminess alongside the Chipotle Mayo that went down an absolute treat.

Lastly on the scale of 1 - Pork Ribby, this one lands a strong 7.5/10.

So all in all, I suggest you get out there and try a sub from this range. It’s pretty bangin'. I probably wouldn't recommend eating FOUR sandos in one day (don't say I never do anything nice for you), but I was still a very happy gal with a very full belly. 

Even when you mess my order up, I'll always love you Subway. Can't wait to see what you come up with next <3