From Flume's x-rated antics to David Guetta's epiphany: Most watchable moments in EDM history
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From Flume's x-rated antics to David Guetta's epiphany: Most watchable moments in EDM history

Imagine booing Avicii.

Over the past few decades, thanks to trailblazing artists, genuinely baffling performances, and rowdy, adoring crowds, dance music has moved its way up the cultural zeitgeist. 

Fans on Reddit have compiled a list of the special moments when the genre became the top talking point of the mainstream.

Whether it was Avicci introducing the tune that would become a worldwide #1, DJs’ dumbfounding decisions becoming the meme of the month, or more recent performances signalling a new era in EDM’s popularity, these are the times dance music transcended the rave and met the eyeballs of the rest of the world, for better or for worse. 

Honourable mentions include that guy who had ‘Cbat’ as his sex song, Daft Punk’s 2006 Coachella set, and Bryan Cranston joining Above & Beyond onstage at EDC to play ‘Walter White’.

Avicii debuting ‘Wake Me Up’ at Ultra 2013

The first time Avicii ever played ‘Wake Me Up’ live, he had a country band on stage at one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. It’s reported people were booing.

The song went to number one in 22 different countries and currently has over 2 BILLION Spotify streams. It was at the core of the mid-2010s EDM resurgence that changed the genre and popular music forever. 

David Guetta ending racism and meeting God at Tomorrowland

One of the biggest DJs in the world speaking up on a civil injustice should’ve gone down fine. But David Guetta’s execution of his George Floyd tribute (idk if you can even call it) was about as well executed as an impromptu speech at your mate's 21st after 10 beers. However, it did turn into a massive meme. 

Another big Guetta moment was when he looked zoinked out of his skin during his 2017 Tomorrowland set.

The extreme zoom-in on his face, as he’s hanging on to his sanity with a paperclip, combined with the trippy backdrop make for a chef’s kiss absurd moment. 

Deadmau5 discovering a vocalist and rediscovering ‘Sandstorm’

Canadian producer/DJ Deadmau5 often streams himself in the studio. One of the most viral moments was when a fan’s vocals from a submission blew him away so much that he ended up using them on one of his biggest tracks - ‘The Veldt’. 

There was also the time he was fucking around on the keyboard and ended up accidentally recreating ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude and cracked up when he realised. 

2023 Coachella

Fred Again, Skrillex and Four Tet closed out the most famous music festival in the world last year and many saw it as a confirmation that dance music was securely back in the mainstream. 

“It will be looked on as one of the biggest moments in recent electronic music history,” a Redditor wrote. “Closing Coachella with what was essentially a Boiler Room set is something that will help propel the less-mainstream areas of dance music into mainstream popularity.”

“It may not be the best sets but it is one of the most important in the history of EDM's progression,” said another. “I feel like in 10 year's time people will look at that set as the beginning of a new era for the possibilities of EDM.”

Flume eating ass at Burning Man

During Aussie DJ Flume's set at 2019 Burning Man, someone held up a sign asking if he ate ass. 

He confirmed that he does by actually doing it on stage in front of thousands of fans (NSFW LINK). Diplo filmed and uploaded the moment online (of course it was him), and it caused quite a ruckus online. Great laugh tho. 

Tiësto plays at the 2004 Olympics

Twenty years ago, the Athens Olympics’ opening ceremony was soundtracked by dance music. Tiësto’s set “ brought electronic music out of underground clubs and music festivals and into the mainstream consciousness,” WeRaveYou wrote. 

At one point, the Dutch team even joined him in his DJ booth. An 8-year-old Martin Garrix was even watching the ceremony and the whole thing inspired him to become a DJ. 

Name one other genre that can put together a list like this, I'll be waiting and wondering wtf goes on in David Guetta's head.