WATCH: Luude drops music video for his banger ‘Big City Life’

WATCH: Luude drops music video for his banger ‘Big City Life’

The tune that's been stuck in our head for a month has come to life.

Luude’s absolute tune ‘Big City Life’ has been brought to life with a music video that dropped today. 

The song has become a staple in the George FM rotation so seeing it visualised with a music video is great stuff. 

Luude said in a press release that he’s stoked with the video as it illustrates exactly what the song is about. 

“[I’m] so happy with how this video turned out. It perfectly captures lots of different sides of what living in a big city can be like and that’s what I’ve always thought of with this record.”

Directed by Three Shades Creative, the video follows three different storylines of characters going about their day in an asphalt jungle. There’s family bonding, shoplifting, romance, mates dancing, a bit of street footy, someone having a cheeky dart out a window, and just great vibes all around. 

The boys at Three Shades Creative are city kids themselves, having grown up in London, and said they took their life experiences and put them in the video. 

“Diversity and culture has been an integral part of our lives growing up and the grit of city living has definitely become an influential part of our creative outlook,” they said. 

“We loved the track and felt an instant connection with its energy and tried to match that in the video; the inner city’s hustle and bustle, the constantly changing dynamic between friends and families, as well as the many different characters within the melting pot of a modern city.”

The song has been immensely successful since it dropped last month, having gotten over 10 million Spotify streams and reaching number one on the NZ Hot Singles Chart, as well as staying in the top 5 of the NZ singles chart, not to mention the countless pres, parties, and kickons it has been the soundtrack to around the country.