Aussie DJ gets full Ministry of Sound 2011 tracklist tattooed on their back

Aussie DJ gets full Ministry of Sound 2011 tracklist tattooed on their back

That's commitment to the cause right there.

A DJ/producer based in Australia has forever linked the legendary compilation album Ministry of Sound - Clubber's Guide to 2011 with themselves by tattooing the whole tracklist on their back. 

Jamesjamesjames is the tatted producer in question, have a look at the ink below.

Commenters on the Insta post are absolutely loving it. Another Aussie DJ, Skin on Skin (who’s got a killer Boiler Room set) commented “club angel”. 

American EDM artist Porter Robinson said the tattoo is “stunning”. While another Aussie producer, Pretty Girl, said that the ink is “the best slay since sliced slay”. 

That 2011 tracklist is absolutely elite, so fair play to James. Check the whole thing out here.

jamesjamesjames gained some popularity after their Boiler Room set at Sugar Mountain earlier this year where they mixed in a bunch of pop hits, like Carly Rae Jepsen's ‘Call Me Maybe’  and Britney Spears' ‘Gimme More’.

That '2000's' era of music is a huge inspiration for them, hence the tat. Check out their full Boiler Room set below. 

THey have a great sense of humour, never taking themself too seriously, as displayed in an interview with MixMag earlier this year. 

When asked to describe his Boiler Room set, here’s what they said: 

They once described their music as “best played loud when you’re on the plastic surgery table having your second nose job, on your way to a Paris Hilton meet & greet, or at a 5:AM kick ons.”

While a self-proclaimed bad DJ - their Instagram bio literally reads 'i cant dj' - jamesjamesjames is an incredible producer, with tracks like 'J'adore' and 'My purple iPod nano (2nd gen)' making their mark on the electronic music industry.

They may not be your cup of tea, but jamesjamesjames’ music just goes to show how much dance music has evolved over the years, with there being a DJ, producer, or even just a mix for pretty much anyone.