Skin on Skin is officially releasing one of his most viral tracks from his Boiler Room set

Skin on Skin is officially releasing one of his most viral tracks from his Boiler Room set

The tune is filthyyy and going straight in the queue once it drops.

Skin on Skin has answered many, many prayers by announcing the official release of a track that got a lot of attention during his Boiler Room set earlier this year. 

The Australian DJ announced on his Instagram that ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ will be dropping on the 12th of August (next Friday), along with a snippet of the track and sheesh we can not wait to add it to the playlist. 

Commenters on his Insta post are hyped as well. Fire, devil, and ‘talk-that-talk’ emojis are littered throughout the comment section, as well as pretty much everyone tagging their mates, and a whole bunch of "finally’s". 

“Omg can finally add this to my playlist,” said one commenter. 

“This one getting rinsed to hedgehog levels,” another wordsmith commented. 

As mentioned before, the hype for the track first arose when Skin on Skin played it during his killer ‘Boiler Room’ set at AVA Festival earlier this year. 

The whole set is absolutely electric, with the Belfast crowd all head bumping and finger gunning in unison as Skin on Skin delivers 58 minutes of heat.

Using all original tracks mixed with some drill tracks, this kid has got talent. We hope we see 'Skin on Skin' on festival lineups for a long time coming. 

Skin spins in ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ at around 23 minutes into the set, and the track turns the energy of each and every audience member up another level. 

Youtube commenters absolutely loved the set, with all kinds of praise coming in. 

“Instant boiler hall of fame,” reads one comment. 

“What a BR [Boiler Room] debut. A clear talent to keep watching, can’t wait to see how he progresses over the next few years,” another says. 

“This could be boiler room of the year, insanely good”, reads one more. 

It’s so good to hear that ‘Burn Dem Bridges’ will finally be available to stream, as soon as it drops make sure to bump it at pres and impress your mates.