Flume legit just dropped a surprise album of unearthed tracks that ‘never found a home’
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Flume legit just dropped a surprise album of unearthed tracks that ‘never found a home’

mad dog has pulled a sneaky one on us for the second time this year

Flume literally just dropped another surprise album full of unreleased tracks from as far back as 2015. 

‘Arrived Anxious, Left Bored’ (AALB) is the name of the ten-track project and is the second project this year Flume has crafted from unearthed tracks (in February he released ‘Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan’). 

In a statement, the Aussie DJ shared that he never found a good context to unleash these tracks into the world, but wanted the world to hear them. 

“This and the first ‘Things Don’t…’ drop are a bunch of songs that I always loved that didn’t fit on a previous record,” Flume said in a statement. “It’s cathartic, it feels really nice to clean the slate and make way for what’s next.”

“Ten tracks, that never found a home, but I felt they deserved a place in the world,” he added in a tweet. “I hope they make you feel something :)”. 

The Music shares that the tune ‘All There 1.9’ [2019 Export Wav], on 'AALB' is the first song in Flume’s whole discography where he uses his own vocals. 

This year marks a decade since he meteored onto the scene with his debut self-titled album, so I’m gonna bet ol’ Flumey boy is feeling a little sentimental. He probably wants to share a bit of an insight into his musical evolutionary process, hence the excavated tracks being released to the public. 

Most EDM fans probably would not have foreseen 2023 turning into such a massive year for the genre, with huge albums and historic sets having already taken place, and more to come. Yesterday it was announced Fred Again and Brian Eno will be releasing a collaboration album together, one which Four Tet called ‘the most beautiful album of 2023’. 

Who knows where Flume’s latest drop will end up in the year’s best EDM albums? All I know is that we eating regardless.