'Get him a blue v': Singapore lad can't stop wearing hi-vis tradie shirts after trip to Aussie
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Good Chat

'Get him a blue v': Singapore lad can't stop wearing hi-vis tradie shirts after trip to Aussie

Bloke saw one at a Kmart and never looked back.

One bloke from Singapore is on a slippery slope to mince and cheese pies, darts, and borderline chat after falling in love with tradie hi-vis shirts during a trip to Australia. 

His fiancé documented the fluro love story on TikTok, posting about how it’s a ‘beige flag’ (which is TikTok terminology for a personality trait). 

In a photo slideshow soundtracked by ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work (nice), he stumbled across an orange hi-vis shirt at a Kmart and didn’t look back, even returning to Aussie to enter a hi-vis “paradise”. 

The legend really went back to Singapore and just rocked the hi-vis 24/7. Some can, some can’t. 

Commenters on the TikTok are huge fans of the newest bloke on the worksite. 

“Nah that’s a hard worker right there,” wrote one person. “Give him a pack of durries and a blue v.”

“Tell him to look into some FXD work pants,” said another. “So comfy and will definitely fit the vibe.”

“It's a drip or drown world and my man knows how to swim,” a third added. 

“I’m crying at 4:30 AM while putting on that shirt and getting in the car to go to work and he’s wearing it for fashion,” one more wrote. “Let’s swap.”

We need to get this fella a mince and cheese pie to see if he is a tradie at heart, one without a worksite - like a bird with no nest. 

He, and tradies around NZ, will be down at least two pie options after a couple of tradie favourite pies were discontinued in June

Irvines and Mackenzies pies are officially discontinued. Although there are still plenty of pie options to compliment the midday blue V, Irvines and Mackenzies played their role as cheaper meals that one could smack back in no time. 

Tradies may have lost two key menu items, but they have gained another brethren.