WATCH: Fisher’s photoshoot devolves into chaos due to a hilarious leaf blower accident
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WATCH: Fisher’s photoshoot devolves into chaos due to a hilarious leaf blower accident

"Can't script this shit."

Aussie DJ Fisher froths getting into hijinks but this latest one may be a bit too hairy, even for him. 

The insane video starts with Fish getting blown in the face with a leafblower so his mouth does that funny thing where it’s flapping, classic gag. Suddenly, bits of hair fly into his mouth, causing the DJ to stumble away and spit. 

Where’d the hair come from? The poor crew member operating the leafblower. One of her orange braids got stuck like something out of ‘Final Destination’. Luckily, she was fine apart from having to cut off the caught braid. 

Everyone involved is all smiles, with the DJ even styling the lost dread on his otherwise barren head. 

Commenters are in just as good a mood, laughing at the absurdity of the moment. 

“Hahahhahaha fuck,” one person wrote. “The second play of that video has done a number on me.”

“Get fucked,” said another. “That is hilarious.”

“Wow hahaha,” a third added. “Didn’t even think that’d be possible.”

“Please glue that dread to your melon for your next set,” one more wrote. 

As I said, Fisher loooooves hijinks. He is just straight taking the piss whenever he goes on the morning news and it is quality viewing every time. 

In a now-viral clip from earlier this year, the bloke is immediately flicking his tongue and making a sound that goes from that one turtle (you know the one) to Spongebob’s laugh. 

After host Karl Stefanovic refuses to copy Fish's trademark tongue flick, the DJ keeps the unhinged energy going by saying: “I feel sorry for your woman Karl.”

Scraping for the slightest bit of normalcy, Karl asks a classic straight-laced question, leading to Fish bursting into his signature laugh. 

I genuinely believe Fisher is the DJ having the most fun 24/7. It’s as if God was like: ‘Fuck it, let’s just chuck this fella in the mix purely for a good laugh’.