WATCH: Fisher is peak unhinged in yet another classic Aussie news interview
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WATCH: Fisher is peak unhinged in yet another classic Aussie news interview

"Off a bender right to a morning show."

No other DJ is more entertaining on morning news television than Aussie trooper FISHER - in fact, what other DJ even goes on morning television?

In a now-viral clip, the bloke is immediately flicking his tongue and making a sound that goes from that one turtle (you know the one) to Spongebob’s laugh. 

After host Karl Stefanovic refuses to copy Fish's trademark tongue flick, the DJ keeps the unhinged energy going by saying: “I feel sorry for your woman Karl.”

Scraping for the slightest bit of normalcy, Karl asks a classic straight-laced question which leads to Fish bursting into that signature laugh of his. 

Commenters are putting their Sherlock hat on and coming to one conclusion: Fish is on the rark. 

“Fisher off a bender right to a morning show,” one person wrote. 

“Fisher is off his face,” said another. 

“I’ve never seen such an unserious man,” a third added. “I love you Fisher”. 

“Fisher had a little bowl of his special cereal before this interview,” one more wrote. “The hosts are LOSING IT.”

When Karl and Fish link up, they are not afraid to take off the seat belts and get really silly with it.  

Last year, he rocked up to ‘The Today Show’ show and talked about how he just “pushes plays and walks away”, asks the host to wear a g-string to the Xmas party, and informs another he pulled his pearl necklace out of the host's arse.

Karl is a perfect co-host on the rocketship through the goof-iverse, willing to chuck on a festie fit and ask the right questions to show off Fish’s ability to take the absolute piss. 

The DJ has a sweet side too. In a video posted to his Instagram, he can be seen crying like there’s no tomorrow as he has to say goodbye to his god-daughter Minnie. 

As long as Fish keeps on Fishing, we’re all gonna be having a great time.