Fred Again apologises to fans who couldn’t get tickets, says he’s been overwhelmed by demand
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Fred Again apologises to fans who couldn’t get tickets, says he’s been overwhelmed by demand

"Thank you and also sorry."

After surprising Aussie fans with a tour, Fred Again himself has been surprised by his own popularity. 

He wreaked absolute havoc on his fans Down Under this past week, teasing and then announcing multiple shows in Australia - no word on NZ shows yet, just a couple of hints

The rush to get tickets was absolutely insane. After announcing a surprise gig at the Sydney Opera House, nearly 100,000 people were in the queue for a venue with a capacity of just 3,000. 

When Fred announced a further seven Aussie shows, fans were just as eager to get tickets and many missed out due to the high demand. Today, Fred has apologised for this, saying he had no idea so many people would be missing out. 

"I just wanna say, I really didn’t anticipate that this would be a situation where we’d be leaving so many people disappointed with tickets," he said in an IG story.

"Like, in my mind, we were coming all this way and doing these ambitious shows to play to most people, you know!?"

"I didn’t think we’d be leaving like 90% of people disappointed, so obviously THANK YOU, but it genuinely makes me sad seeing all your messages today."

He added that he wants to make it up to people, but just doesn’t know how. 

“I’ve been going through my DMs for the last hour just replying to people, adding them to the guest list, but that’s not the answer Fred,” he continued. 

"So, mainly, thank you and also sorry. I did think about trying stadiums, but I’m just not sure that’s something I’d be able to do well right now, and stadiums always sound sooo bad."

“So yeah, I just couldn’t quite commit to that and feel good about it, you know?”

Artists on Fred’s level don’t come to this part of the world often, so he’s already gone above. The fact he’s apologising for everyone wanting to see him is him going beyond. Truly one of the kindest souls to ever do it.