‘One of our best shows’: Check out Lee Mvtthews full drum and bass set from a boat in Prague

‘One of our best shows’: Check out Lee Mvtthews full drum and bass set from a boat in Prague

Great googly moogly, the fellas SMASHED it.

On this glorious Fridee, the Lee Mvtthews fellas have released what they've said is "one of the best shows" they've ever done. 

It's a drum and bass set from a boat party in Prague and fuark me team, they may be right because it is a piece of Prague pandemonium. It's one hour of pure DNB goodness and the fact it’s on a boat is insanely FOMO-inducing. 

The set was part of their recent international tour which saw them hit the US, Europe and even a cheeky Fiji number. The fact they were selling out shows on the other side of the planet just goes to show how they are some of the best in the business. Good shit. 

Other than treating foreign ears to unreal sets, the fellas got up to some Graham and Tom-foolery. One of the greatest moments came on the US leg of their tour where they got their goober hats on in an iconic US music venue. 

They both messed up the spelling of their name while writing it in the backrooms of Houston’s Stereo Live club. 

Being a few drinks beyond sobriety, the fellas put sharpie to door to write ‘Lee Mvthhews’, only to completely butcher it not once but twice.

The video needs to be playing in the Louvre on a loop. It contains all the facets of a proper film - a goal, conflict, foreshadowing, suspense, and the door opening is the climax the clip deserves. Cinema. 

Never giving up on their mission, Tom and Graham did eventually manage to correctly spell their name, snapping a beautiful picture to celebrate. 

Just goes to show that you don’t have to give up the goober life to live your dream of smashing out a sick DNB set while floating down a river in Prague.